Do I need to use warm water to mix BADASS MAX/ULTRA Fuel?

No. BADASS MAX/ULTRA Fuel will mix well with cold or room temperature water. Just few simple shakes and you are ready to go. Our product doesn't cause injury to your wrist, elbow or your arms due to excessive shaking....hehehehe.


What is the difference between BADASS MAX and ULTRA Fuel?

The main difference between the two is basically down to the type of fueling you require. If you require a multi-day ultra endurance fueling (eg. 1,000km Ultra Endurance Cycling), then choose BADASS ULTRA Fuel. If you require a high-intensity maximum effort type of fueling (Criterium Race, Basketball) then BADASS MAX Fuel will get your there.


How should I fuel for my 60 minutes High-Intensity Race/Workout?

A. Simply mix 3 to 4 scoops with 700ml water.

B. Sip 1/3, 20 minutes before the race/workout during your warm-up.

C. Sip rest of the 2/3 during your race/workout on demand.


How should I fuel for my 200km Endurance Race/Workout?

Two bottle strategy:

1st bottle - concentrated formula

2nd bottle - water

1. Prepare 1st bottle with concentrated formula by mixing 2 to 3 scoops per hour. If you expect to ride for 6 hours and using 2 scoops per hour, that would be 12 scoops.

2. Prepare 2nd bottle with water only.

3. Sip twice on 1st bottle and also on the 2nd bottle with water to dillute it, 20 minutes before the race/workout during your warm-up.

4. Refill the 2nd bottle every hour with fresh cold water.

5. Monitor and sip 1st and 2nd bottle for the rest of the endurance race/workout.


If you have any questions, please shoot us a message and we will get back to you asap! #WeAreBADASS